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Blue Chicken Armory Claimed

4135 Alexandria Pike Ste.109, Cold Spring, Ky 41076

Business Details

The Blue Chicken is an aggressive fighting fowl thats not afraid to open carry his spurs! Peck around at www.Bluechickenarmory.com



Blue Chicken Armory is a full service class 3 dealer of firearms, ammunitions, and outdoors gear! Peck around at www.BlueChickenArmory.com



Do we have a storefront?
A: Yes and no... We run everything out of our real estate office and do keep a few concealed carry options and oddball/used guns in the safe. We have Thousands of firearms and accessories online and available to purchase.

Where do I pickup my gun if I buy online?
A: Buy online and pickup at our office!
4135 Alexandria Pike Ste. 109 Cold Spring KY 41076
OR ship to an FFL dealer near you! Whichever is most convenient to you!

How can you afford to sell stuff so cheap?
A: The online store allows us to carry a huge inventory with very little overhead! Plus we are Realtors and Auctioneers and make our living helping people buy their dream homes. This allows us to sell to you at nearly wholesale prices.

What if what I want isn't on your website?
A: Call, Text or Email us! We will do our best to find it for you at the best possible price!

Can you order guns for me from Gunbroker.com or other websites?
A: Yes, we are happy to help you with your purchase from any reputable dealers. $20 per firearm will be charged for background check and paperwork for firearms not purchased through Blue Chicken Armory. Please contact us: Todd Holden 859-760-5322.

Do we accept trades or buy used guns?
A: Absolutely! Let us know what you have. We are interested in single firearms or whole collections. Let us help you!

Are you a Class 3 dealer?
A: Yes! We are Class 3, NFA dealers and can help you with Silencers, Machine guns and Short Barreled weapons!

Can you ship an out of state firearm to us for pickup?
A: Yes, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of our FFL. Have all firearms shipped to 4135 Alexandria Pike Ste.109 Cold Spring Ky 41076. Make sure to provide us with a shipping tracking number when available! We charge $20 per firearm for background check and paperwork.

How did you come up with the name?
A: It's a long story...

According to recent research, The earliest fossil bones identified as possibly belonging to chickens appear in sites from northeastern China dating to around 5400 B.C., but the birds’ wild ancestors never lived in those cold, dry plains. So if they really are chicken bones, they must have come from somewhere else, most likely Southeast Asia. The chicken’s wild progenitor is the Blue Junglefowl, Gallus gallus, according to a theory advanced by Charles Darwin and recently confirmed by DNA analysis. The bird’s resemblance to modern chickens is manifest in the male’s red wattles and comb, the spur he uses to fight and his cock-a-doodle-doo mating call. The male of the species wore bright blue plumage and weighed in a rather large 30lbs! The dun-colored females brood eggs and cluck just like barnyard chickens. In its habitat, which stretches from northeastern India to the Philippines, G. gallus browses on the forest floor for insects, seeds and fruit, and as they grew into adulthood would become fierce predators. hunting deer and wild pigs. A trait that had obvious appeal to humans seeking to capture and raise it. This would later help endear these Blue Chicken to settlements in Africa, used as guard animals against cheetah and leopards. These fighting birds are a little known part of history, so to bring light to that amazing story they have become the lineage of our name. Just like the Blue Chickens of this story, our name was made up because it was fun and memorable.

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4135 Alexandria Pike Ste.109, Cold Spring, Ky 41076

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