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Guns Alaska Classifieds

Anchorage, Alaska


Business Details

Guns Alaska Classifieds is a member of the "Guns Classifieds Network" and designed to be the comprehensive answer to what Alaskan firearms buyers and sellers were previously missing...  A well developed local, easy to use, beautiful and functional website where users can buy/sell/trade all of their goods and services without any more fear of getting shut down.

Finding the right place for individuals in Alaska to buy, sell and trade firearms, knives and archery equipment is no easy task. After so many websites have banned the sale and local listing of firearms and related gear, a white knight has finally risen from the ashes...

Buy, Sell And Trade Firearms

Guns Alaska Classifieds is the perfect combination of beauty, function, want and need. The user interface is amazingly easy to use and user registration is a breeze, even on a mobile device. In depth searches are easy to perform and can limit the results down to even a selected distance. All the while, every feature you could want in a classifieds site is right at your fingertips.

Competition Is Slim

Although there are some competing classifieds websites, both local and national, the pickings are slim. Other websites have very cumbersome user interfaces that use old text listing styles, have limited search capabilities, offer no (or poor) customer service and are not mobile-friendly at all. Guns Alaska Classifieds aims to be the comprehensive solution by offering unmatched features, searching, customer service and mobile usability.

Free Ad Listings

Another major difference between Guns Alaska Classifieds and the other main local options is that ads are FREE. You are not forced to pay for your ads, no matter what the dollar amount is. There are a couple optional paid "promotions" that you can select when creating your ad that will make it more visible and stand out from the rest, but these are strictly optional. The ad promotion options are bold, border, background, featured or pinned to top.

Long List of Features

Besides just having the ability to post or browse ads, Guns Alaska Classifieds offers some seriously cool features that set it apart in a big way.

  • Mobile friendly website
  • Free account registration and free ads
  • Google Maps integration
  • User comments and questions
  • Interface is easy to use / easy to browse
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Featured Ads section for all categories
  • Ad hits and posted date
  • Eye catching optional ad promotions
  • Easy ad management in "My Account"
  • Ability to contact support at any time
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