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Before we started Targets4Free.com, we were printing our own shooting targets for a long time. However, we found many of the available targets lacking in quality and precision. Many were difficult to properly fit to the page, and didn't feature an easy built-in way to measure group size. These are just a couple of examples of what motivated us to start Targets 4 Free, as well as the issues we've aimed to fix!

We have a huge selection that we know you'll love. From typical bullseye and diamond sight-in style targets, to more playful ones featuring zombies or other mythical creatures such as The Rake, or Slenderman. Not to mention our many hunting targets of deer, turkey and others. Not to mention the tried and true Hitler and Osama Bin Laden, as well as silhouette targets. We even have a selection of "trickshot" targets that will really test your skills. For example, a target where you need to shoot an aspirin off the head of a nail, or one where you split playing cards. All our targets are measured to 100% perfect proportions to give you a fun, challenging and realistic shooting session! Our targets are great for having fun on your own, competing with your friends, or generally becoming a better shot. They're always high-quality, always fun, and free forever!

We know you'll love what we have to offer on our website, and we so look forward to seeing you soon! Not to mention the fact that printing your own targets is so much cheaper! So be safe and have a ton of fun! Thanks for your interest in our site!

Free printable shooting targets available at http://targets4free.com

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New York City, United States

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