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United Armament Corporation (UAC)

Hillsboro, Oregon


Business Details

We design and build world-class armament suppression systems.

  United Armament Corp has been building military armament products for over 40 years. We are, for the first time, bringing our innovative designs, world-class performance and our extreme attention to  manufacturing details to the shooting sports, home and personal defense markets.

  We currently are offering a variety of 22LR suppressors for sale. Including our ultra-durable Hollywood, which is qualified for 22LR, 17WMR, 22 Mag, 5.6x28 and 22LR full autofire. Our 22LR Hollywood Lite is the worlds first suppressor color matched to Rugers 22/45 Lite series. It happens to be a competitive top performing 22LR suppressor as well. 

  UAC will soon be offering our suppressed AR platform guns in 5.56, 9mm, 300blk and 40 cal. Those guns are available in a variety of suppressed configurations or non-suppressed. We will also offer our complete tuned suppressed upper systems, as well as our suppressors.



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Brian Launer

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