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Account Registration
Account registration is fast, easy and free. There is no need to create an account for each business you want to list because you can manage all of your business listings from one single account. You must use your real email address when creating your account to ensure you receive all associated email notifications.

Adding Business Listings
There are three packages to choose from when listing your business (FREE, PROMOTED and FEATURED). They all allow you to list your businesses and offer the same great features. The differences are simple:

  • PROMOTED will display your business before the free listings (along with other promoted listings).
  • FEATURED will display your business before the promoted listings and also display your business (along with other featured businesses) on the front page.

Listings are good for the package term specified and you will receive an email notification reminding you of the expiration when it gets close. You can either extend your previous package at that time or you can choose a different package. We do not charge the advertisers or publishers any broker fees to use our service. We also do not facilitate the transaction in any way. We are here simply to be the advertising platform where you can list your advertising offers and potential advertisers can browse and contact you.

Package Sales (Transactions)
All payments are transacted via PayPal and all purchases are valid for the package term specified. Each individual purchase is good for only ONE business listing. All package purchases and upgrades are final. We do not offer any returns or refunds for any reason. We do not guarantee any specific exposure or any customer gains. We do not endorse any item or service advertised on this website.

Use Of This Website
The Firearms Advertising Directory is designed to allow users the ability to list their businesses and advertising offers with a variety of options and features to choose from.

While we review each and every business listing before we approve them, there is a chance that we may miss something. If you see anything offensive or incorrect on a listing, please Contact Us and we will take the appropriate action.

Firearms Advertising, its employees, owners and partners are in no way responsible for any content, images, goods or services provided from this website, including any content linked to or from this website. We are not responsible for the accuracy or quality of any of the content on this website.

Changes To Website
Firearms Advertising reserves the right to make changes to this website at any time, for any reason to suit our needs and the needs of the sites users.


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