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Social Media has Banned Weapons Related Advertising

If it has anything to do with guns and a price, it's not allowed on Facebook. Want to pay for an ad on any social media site? They've all banned that too.

Search Engines have Banned All Firearms Related Ads

Both Google and Bing / Yahoo have banned any and all firearms related pay-per-click advertising on their search engines.

AdSense has Banned Monetizing Firearms Related Sites

Have a website you want to put ads on? Google AdSense does not allow placement on firearms related websites of any kind.

The Trend is Making it Difficult for Legitimate Businesses

It's obvious that this trend is going to continue to grow, forcing good, honest businesses to seek advertising opportunities elsewhere.

Featured Firearms Friendly Advertising Channels

Guns Classifieds Network

Guns Classifieds Network

Prescott, Arizona
Guns Arizona Classifieds

Guns Arizona Classifieds

Prescott, Arizona
Guns Alaska Classifieds

Guns Alaska Classifieds

Anchorage, Alaska
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There are 3 plans to choose from: FREE, PROMOTED or FEATURED. All three plans allow you to list your businesses and offer the same features. The differences are simple:

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Create Enticing Advertising Offers

Offers are the "bacon" of our platform. Your offers are quite literally the advertising opportunities you are offering on your website/blog/magazine etc.

For instance, if you have an available banner position at the top of your website, you would create an offer detailing that position with the following information:

  • Banner Position and Exact Size
  • Detailed Description
  • Banner Term (Length of Time)
  • Banner Price and Discount if Relevant
  • Etc.

Make your offers clear and interesting!


Advertisers Contact You Directly

We don't get involved in the offer transaction or charge any percentages on your advertising offers. We leave that up to you and it allows us to offer our services for free. When someone is interested in purchasing an offer or they have questions, they contact you directly and our job is done.

Please note that new listings require approval by an administrator before your business will be visible on the site. This generally takes less than 24 hours and if we need to deny the listing, we will contact you with information on how to quickly resolve the problem(s).

During this time, you can still log into your account and make changes to your business listing.

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